1. General Overview

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the services and service levels between the service provider, Tempus Innovative Solutions (Tempus), and Tempus’ clients, the customers of that service. The goal is to ensure the delivery of high quality services and computing software and hardware environments for Tempus’ clients while controlling costs and adhering to any security protocols and business requirements.

2. Service Description

2.1 Scope

This Service Level Agreement applies to all computer equipment and software setup or reviewed by Tempus (which includes but is not limited to emails, CRMs, Operating systems, custom solutions, computers, monitors, printers, scanners and other peripherals). In addition is covers any on premise servers/networks and VOIP phones installed by Tempus. This agreement does not include equipment and/or software not identified during your IT review or detailed in the proposal. Support is provided by the most efficient method, primarily via a support portal and email with remote access services but also via phone and on-site visits if deemed necessary (fees may apply).

2.2 Services

Desktop services are supported throughout the lifecycle of a supported computer equipment and include:

Plan and Purchasing

  • Tempus will assist users and departments with all computer, printer, and software purchases. Contact Tempus for assistance with specifications and obtaining IT quotes. Warranties for new computers are on an average 1 – 2 year cycles.
  • If advanced models or components are needed, Tempus will work with clients to determine the specific needs to match the specialized or higher-level technology needs.
  • Operating system and application software configurations are based on user needs, security standards, and client operating requirements.


  • New computers will be configured with a standard image to suit the client with the approved operating system, office applications, anti-virus software, and remote administration tools. Users can request additional software installations, see the Installation section.
    • Software not included in standard images are installed upon request, provided that the software is properly licensed. Clients may be asked to provide proof of license in addition to the installation media or web location for software download.
    • For computer replacement, the user’s data will be transferred from the old computer to the new one. Data will be retained on the old hard drive for 7 business days. After the 7 business days, the old hard drive will be securely erased and disposed of so that all data will be permanently deleted.


  • Software Support
    • Support technicians will install and upgrade software upon user requests or security requirements. Additional costs may apply.
    • Support technicians will install client-provided driver software for peripherals such as printers, scanners, external storage devices, and input devices.
    • Proof of license must be provided if requested.
    • Some software requires special customization. Helpdesk Support staff can configure software if documentation is provided by the user.
    • Only software that is being actively updated/patched by the vendor will be installed, exceptions may be made on a case by basis.
  • Function/Usage Support
    • Helpdesk Support staff will provide assistance for software that does not launch or function properly.
    • Diagnosis will be performed by Helpdesk Support staff to determine if the issue is related to the network or system.
    • Helpdesk Support staff can provide tutorials or training in the use of applications, or assist users by directing them to training resources both online and instructor-led.
    • Problems with specific business systems and specialized software may be referred to functional resources for those systems or applications.
  • Hardware Support
    • Standard Helpdesk Support services are provided for Tempus clients’ computers that run supported operating systems, and which do not exceed 5 years of age. Computers older than 5 years of age are costly to maintain in good operating order and deliver poor performance with a new applications. These aged equipment should be placed in a cycled replacement schedule.
    • Support for warranty repairs includes equipment pickup, shipping, tracking and return. Helpdesk Support personnel will verify that the repairs have been completed before returning the computer to the client/user.
    • Standard Helpdesk Support includes non-warranty repair of standard computers for which the vendor warranty has expired, but it is limited to the replacement of user-serviceable parts provided by the user (i.e. hard drives, power supplies, etc.). Additional costs may apply.
    • Standard Helpdesk Support also includes the support for on-premise or cloud based servers that have been setup or setup verified by Tempus.
  • Telecommunications and Internet Support
    • Standard helpdesk support includes configuration support for VOIP phones and internal network setups.
    • Support for warranty and non-repair for VOIP phones, modems and/or routers setup by Tempus will be provided. Additional costs may apply.

Boundaries of Services and Functions

The Standard Helpdesk Support is available for computers that meet the following criteria:

  • Supported equipment is used for Tempus clients business use, not personally-owned
  • The computer is compatible with and running supported operating systems and does not exceed an average of 5 years of age
  • Administrative access exists for Desktop Specialist technicians
  • Helpdesk Support staff can remotely control the computer with the user’s permission
  • Helpdesk Support staff can re-image a computer when necessary to resolve an incident or complete a service request. The user will be notified prior to the re-imaging and their data will be transferred to the new image if recoverable. Data and/or program applications may not be recoverable in the cases of severe hard drive failure.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3.1 Tempus’ Responsibilities

Tempus will provide the infrastructure, technology, personnel, processes and monitoring tools necessary to deliver the Standard Helpdesk Support as described in this document, in addition to:

  • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to individual incidents and service requests.
  • Appropriately notify users of all scheduled maintenance via Tempus’ www.tempusis.com.au/systemstatus.

3.2 User Responsibilities

User responsibilities in support of this Agreement include:

  • Paying all costs associated with planned and unplanned computer hardware replacement and software
  • Utilising standard contact methods for incident reporting (See Requesting Services section 4)
  • Providing access to supported computers either in-person or via remote access tools
  • Making themselves available to Helpdesk Support Technicians during the resolution of a service-related incident or request
  • Providing proof of license and/or installation media when requesting software installation if required
  • Backing up data unless prior arrangements have been made with Tempus to provide backup services
  • Ensuring data transfers have been made correctly to new computers within the 7 business days of deployment.

4. Requesting Service

4.1 Helpdesk Support Services

Users/clients can contact Tempus through the following four methods:

  1. Online: https://tempus.freshdesk.com/
    This is the recommended method for requesting assistance unless the issues requires immediate response or a password reset. The online Web Help Desk ticketing systems allows for users access 24 hrs/day and 7 days a week. Requests are accessible to any technician in the appropriate area who are available to assist (instead of just one individual), and users can keep track of their ticket’s progress directly on the help desk website. Requests made using the online ticketing system will be processed during normal hours of business for each department’s respective business hours.
  2. Email: (support@tempusis.com.au)
    Email requests will be processed during regular business hours. Using the online ticketing system at https://tempusis.freshdesk.com/ is recommended over email. While both methods feed into the same ticketing system, logging into the help desk ticketing system allows users to better specify the category and ensure the ticket gets placed in the appropriate group without having to be manually moved.
  3. Phone: (03) 6231 5712
    Phone service is available through the Tempus Help Desk for critical support requests only during normal hours of operation. Messages left during off hours will be processed the next business day. Due to security identity verification requirements, password resets can only be processed over the phone or in-person.
  4. In-Person
    In-person service is available at:
    • Hobart: 1-5 Ryde Street, Old AFL Building, North Hobart, 7002, TAS

5. Hours of Operation, Reponse Times and Complaint Resolution

5.1 Hours of Operation

Standard Helpdesk Support is provided Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 5:00PM during normal business days. Exceptions or changes will be noted on the Tempus website.

5.2 Response Time

Tempus uses the following guidelines to prioritize and support requests. Response times will not exceed the times shown, and we will attempt our best efforts to respond sooner if possible. Depending on the issue, the time to resolve problems will vary; factors such as vendor hardware or software support are not always within Tempus control. Where suitable and based on available inventory, Tempus will take steps to provide temporary workarounds or equipment while a solution is being worked on.

Table 1 Response Times

Level* Description Response Time
Critical TIME SENSITIVE – requires immediate resolution

The loss of a service affecting business operation, without a workaround available and where a degraded level of operation is not available or acceptable. Example: A priority form of communication for business function is non-functioning (phone or email) or a website is out of operation.

Work towards a solution will begin within 60 business minutes. These requests should be submitted by phone at 03 6231 5712.
Urgent Impacts all users – requires priority resolution

A software or hardware issue might be preventing the user from working on their workstation with no work around. Example: Printer services will not work, however, users are still able to work on their computers or a website is malfunctioning on key systems.

Work towards a solution will occur within 24 hours. These requests should be submitted by online help desk.
High Impacts a majority of users – immediate resolution is not essential

A software or hardware issue might be preventing the user from working on their workstation however there is a work around. Example: Printer services will not work, however, users are still able to work on their computers and print from a different application or device.

Work towards a solution will occur within 1-2 business days. These requests should be submitted by online help desk.
Medium Impacts a few users – immediate resolution is not essential

Services or applications are not accessible for a few users. Users are still able to perform job function. Example: Audio is non-functioning, however computer is still usable.

Work towards a solution will occur within 2-5 business days. These requests should be submitted by online help desk.
Low Low impact – the user has the ability to work

While the user may be experiencing issues with software or hardware, it is not preventing them from accessing information or completing work on their workstation. Example: Requests for software upgrades that are not necessary for immediate instructional, business, or security processes.

Work towards a solution will occur within 5-10 business days. These requests should be submitted by online help desk.

*The level of urgency is at the discretion of the technician assigned to the support request based on the impact to the Client

5.3 Escalation

If there are issues with the processing of a service request, contact the Tempus Help Desk. They will review and appropriately take the necessary escalation actions.

5.4 Other Requests

Typically Tempus does not provide administrator access for systems and services provided, these requests will be assessed on a case by case basis. If a client has administrator access they are responsible for managing this role appropriately and any work generated from a administrator error falls outside support. Requests for service features and functions not provided in this document can be placed through info@tempusis.com.au or by calling 03 6231 5712.

In the event of contract termination Tempus will provide administrator access to systems under management and support any new provider, if applicable, to migrate solutions to external servers.

6. Maintenance and Outage Communications

Tempus strives to minimize unintended service disruptions as a result of changes in the production environment. Tempus monitors, manages and evaluates changes to maximize service benefits.

6.1 IT System Status

All IT-related service outages are published on www.tempusis.com.au/systemstatus

Clients and users are encouraged to report any system outages or errors relating to hardware and software to Tempus.
There are 2 categories that result in system downtime:

  • Planned Maintenance:

This is scheduled maintenance work that is required for system maintenance or upgrade. These are generally scheduled at least one week in advance whenever possible and posted and emailed to the appropriate methods of communication.

  • Unplanned Outage:

This is an unplanned service outage that is due to an unforeseen event or urgent repair need in order to prevent system failure. These will be posted to the appropriate methods of communication immediately upon Tempus becoming alerted to the need for the outage. When possible Tempus will attempt to estimate an expected time of resolution. All updates will be posted to www.tempusis.com.au/systemstatus

6.2 Telecommunications Status

Any planned or unplanned telecommunication or internet outages will not be published by Tempus. However Tempus will work with vendors to resolves any outages and where possible provide an expected resolution time.
Clients and users are encouraged to report any telecommunication or internet outages or errors to Tempus.

7. Pricing

All Tempus’ Helpdesk Support services are covered under each individual clients tailored IT managed services proposal and monthly support plans. The only exception to this is the purchase of any hardware or additional software that was not included in the clients initial proposal.
Generic support packages include the following support hours for each level and service outlined in the clients proposal document. Support hours do not accumulate or carry over monthly. Note: Customise support plans hours will vary and the table below may not be applicable.

Support Pack

Websites Software* Telecommunications Desktop Servers/




1 1 1




2 2 2


Premium 4 4 4 4


*Excludes smart form and process flow software.

If the client requires more support than the category the client is currently being charged, Tempus will notify the client and discuss upgrade options.

8. SLA Review

This document will be reviewed as required by Tempus and their clients. Any updates will be communicated to all Tempus clients that have IT managed service agreements in place.