The Importance of Small Business Phone Systems

Inter-office communication remains just as important nowadays as it was thirty years ago before the advent of the digital and paperless office. A reliable phone system saves time and is in many ways more efficient than instant messaging, especially when it’s just a quick instruction or answer. We assist with the installation of small business phone systems and add value to your office.

A VoIP Small Business Phone Systems is the Only Option

Right off the bat, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is the ONLY system you should consider for your office. Anything else is outdated and does not provide the integrated functionality available with VoIP for your business. Here are a few benefits that you must compare if someone offers an old box:

  • VoIP runs on your existing local area network (LAN) cabling. If you already have your business premises wired for Ethernet connectivity of the computers and printers, you also have VoIP infrastructure ready to go. Most quality handsets offer a pass-through Ethernet port, which means it acts like a micro-hub in the office and doesn’t require another port on the wall patch panel.
  • Some VoIP phones connect through Wi-Fi to the network, allowing employees to roam between offices in the building and remain reachable on their office phone. This option is excellent, but we recommend that you make sure your Wi-Fi applies the latest technology and protocols, including encryption algorithms.
  • It is easy to route incoming and outgoing calls through a controlling computer. If an employee is on leave, a simple setting will reroute their calls to a co-worker, preventing the dreaded ringing phone from losing customers and sales. Similarly, it is possible to prevent outgoing calls for some workers or limit them to specific numbers.
  • Inter-connectivity between business premises and work-from-home employees is transmitted through the Internet infrastructure of the area and will considerably lower or nullify the traditional phone bill.

The Benefits of Using Us for Your Small Business Phone System PBX

It is certainly possible to install your own VoIP PABX system. Still, the benefits of using us for the consultation process, installation and support is simply a better choice to make for your business. We base our work ethic on building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients instead of one-off deals.

  • We will fully investigate your existing small business phone systems VoIP infrastructure and provide you with a detailed assessment report. The report will explain our proposal for the best solution for your business and all the amendments to the cabling and equipment necessary for a reliable VoIP system.
  • We liaise with our preferred service providers to implement the proposed system. You only deal with us, and we ensure that all work is of the highest standard.
  • We arrange for the scheduled maintenance and provide quality training to your employees on how the new VoIP system works and how to use it to increase personal productivity.

Tempus Innovative Solutions is based in Tasmania and Sydney. We offer a combination of consulting, implementation and support services in information technology to diverse industries. Contact us for a review of your requirements for office phone systems for a small business.