We offer all the services you need to manage your entire suite of Office products, whether cloud storage, Teams or basic setup. Given that most businesses use Office 365, managed services for the more intricate packages – or even the entire suite – they can add quality to your business. We’re the team for the job if you need assistance integrating Office 365 into your business.

What to Expect From Our Office 365 Services

We pride ourselves on providing up-front clarity to our customers regarding what they should expect when working with us. Since our Office 365 service involves many avenues, we want to break it down for quick scanning:

  • Basic Office 365 setup. If you’re currently not using any Office products and want to migrate some of your services to Microsoft’s effective suite of tools, we can help you start. We install everything from the ground up, so you don’t have incompatibilities across your teams. We’ll look at your current software packages, where we can optimise your migrations, and which Office products you need.
  • Advanced Office assistance. Our team is ready to assist if you’ve already handled the installations but need assistance unlocking the power of Microsoft’s more complex tools. We will show you which features are most effective for your requirements, which packages would create the best results, and how to use the complex features.
  • Completely managed Office services. Our remote management allows your staff to focus on your business and provides access to around-the-clock assistance when something goes wrong. We can take that management off your shoulders if you have specific services in place, such as cloud storage or servers.
Tempus Office365

Benefits of Managed Office Cloud Storage or Similar Services

There are many reasons to consider remotely managed Office services for your business, including:

  • Less overhead. While many large businesses have on-site technicians to assist with managing intricate software suites, keeping them on-site can quickly become expensive. This expense is even less justified if the technicians sit around when your systems aren’t broken. With a remote team, you get all the services you would from an on-site technician with much less overhead.
  • Immediate access to assistance. Our team can provide around-the-clock assistance to your staff should something go wrong. We can solve simple or complex issues for you remotely, which allows your business to save time and money on error-fixing.
  • Access to several services. While we provide managed services, we can do much more for you, such as training for package usage or cybersecurity awareness. We can also assist with the purchasing, configuration, installation, system design for integration, and life cycle management of your products.

Our Office 365 managed services allow our team to assist you from anywhere with basic setups, complex package integration, and a wide range of training options for your staff. Instead of hiring an entire IT department, save time and money and choose Tempus Innovative Solutions.