Managed IT Support Plans

Tempus Managed IT Support keeps your systems, devices and network safe, secure and operational for a single low monthly fee.

It’s Time

to Make

the Switch

Managed IT Support Plans

Tempus Managed IT Support keeps your systems, devices and network safe, secure and operational for a single low monthly fee.

What is Tempus

Managed IT Support (MSP)?

It’s quite simple really, for a low monthly fee you engage Tempus to manage your IT, and we keep your systems networks and devices up to date and secure (as secure as possible).

Anytime you have an IT issue you contact us and we fix it!

How does Tempus IT Support

differ from managing my own IT ?

  • We free up your valuable time to focus on more meaningful tasks

  • You operate with confidence knowing your IT will just work

  • If anything ever goes wrong you have assurance that Tempus will fix it and get you back on track with minimal interruption to your business
  • No more panicking when something serious goes wrong, no more trying to figure out who to contact for help, no more waiting on hold
  • If you have an IT issue, the only business you ever need to contact is Tempus, and we’ll fix it.

Comparison Table: A DIY approach to managing IT versus a Tempus Managed IT Support Plan

Everything You Need and Nothing you Don’t!

Tempus IT support (MSP offering) offers you everything you need to keep your business systems and digital processes operational. We have included a snapshot of what is included below. For a more detailed understanding please visit the Managed Services page.

IT Advice

  • Strategy + Growth
  • New software or hardware
  • Best approach to deal with issues
  • Technical Architecture


  • Malware / Virus
  • Password Management
  • Monitoring
  • Cyber Security

Hardware + Software

  • Procurement
  • Set-up and configuration
  • Ongoing management
  • Asset management


  • Set-up and configuration
  • Internet
  • Printers
  • Phones


  • Fixes
  • Training
  • Updates
  • Patches
  • Monitoring
  • User onboarding / offboarding
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Training

We use the best technology

Assessed, demonstrated, developed,

and supported in one spot.

What kind of technology is included?

  • Software and applications

  • Phones and VOIP
  • Tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Video conferencing (monitors, cameras and speakers)
  • Cloud Storage and security
  • Printers and scanners
  • Servers
  • Back-up solutions
  • Wireless networks
  • Networking (routers, switches, NBN)


Managed Support IT Plans

Essentials Plan

Perfect for a small business to get 24/7 monitoring and access to IT support.

$30 p/m

+ setup fee of $95

  • System Monitoring and updates
  • Antivirus and Malware protection

  • Support portal access
  • Office365 support

Custom Support Plan

Available if your business needs more hands on support or are operating nonstandard software or hardware.



we’ve helped.

Tempus SME

Business Packages

Tempus SME business plans were created to help new SME’s get up and going easily, and to assist existing SME’s to grow, evolve and remain competitive. Our commitment to SME’s is to deliver exceptional value, robust IT solutions and unparalleled IT support for a low monthly fee.

Website, Hosting and Support Plans

We help you plan, design, build, host and support your business website. We handle everything for you.

$40 p/m

+ set-up fee

  • Everything you need to get started.
  • We keep your website online and secure.
  • One business to contact for all web, phone and IT issues.

Managed IT Support

Rest easy knowing that for a low monthly fee we will help you with all your IT issues and keep your business running smoothly.

$30 p/m

+ setup fee of $150

  • Everything you need to get started.
  • We keep your software and hardware operational
  • One business to contact for all IT, web and phone issues.

Business Phones Plans and Support

Tempus helps small business to gain big business phone features and capabilities at small business pricing.

From $29 p/m

No setup fee

  • Everything you need to get started.
  • Local support for local businesses.
  • One business to contact for all phone, web and IT issues.

Why choose Tempus?

  • 10+ years experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes from key industry sectors.
  • A one-stop-shop experience for all your IT needs.
  • Integrate stand-alone systems to make all your systems work together seamlessly.

  • Experience across a broad range of systems essential to running a modern business.
  • We recommend the technology and solutions that best fit your business needs, we are not tied or incentivised to recommend any specific brand or type of technology.

  • Local support for local business.
  • We simplify the IT experience and speak plainly so that you can focus on outcomes rather than getting bogged down in IT mumbo jumbo.



Unlike traditional phone carriers, we actually want to talk to you, to learn about you and your business and offer you sound advice that takes your business model, IT systems, processes and workflow into account.

100% local support for local businesses.