Why Managed IT Services Make Sense

There are essentially three ways to manage the information technology (IT) infrastructure of your business. You could hire dedicated IT employees who must constantly go on training courses, do it yourself or have an employee handy with computers attempting to keep the system running. Alternatively, contract with a dedicated IT company to keep your systems up to date and secure. Managed IT services offers small to medium business many benefits and a great return on investment.

What is Managed IT Services

The essence of contracting a managed IT services company can be summarised as acquiring the best service and knowledge available in the industry at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated IT department. You hand over the IT infrastructure management to another company, whose primary business is great networks and regular software updates. The benefits include:

  • The IT guys are always up to date with the latest software and industry news, without the training affecting the services provided to your business. If the technician in charge of your infrastructure is away on a course, then another one of the IT service company’s technicians will be there in a flash to resolve the problem.
  • The latest and most secure software versions are always timely installed after a thorough check for compatibility with your other software programs. Not installing the latest security patches causes companies to become vulnerable to all the threats to their precious data. Unfortunately, the reality is that specific software cannot be set to automatically update, especially databases, as this might introduce incompatibilities and cause serious downtime until the cause of the problem is traced.
  • Employees whose job is not IT do not take kindly to sifting through log files, especially network traffic. Yet this is an essential method for maintaining security, primarily when part of the network uses Wi-Fi and especially for machines directly connected to the Internet, such as VPN login servers and cloud storage.

The Benefits of an Assisted Salesforce Setup

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The objective of a good CRM system is to understand what your customers want in your products, track their complaints through the process to a satisfactory resolution, and ultimately ensure the growth of your company. We know how to set up Salesforce so that your business derives the most significant benefits from the service.

  • The primary benefit of a good CRM platform is that it takes the data from a multitude of disparate sources, like website analytics and call centre queries, and sorts and collates the data into meaningful information. The product development team can then utilise this for the next big thing on the market or it can be used by the sales team to follow up on potential leads and big orders.
  • The knowledge about your customers allows for proactive interaction. The sales team will know what other products to show an existing customer will result in a sale, instead of wasting time convincing a customer who will not buy.
  • Salesforce is cloud-based, so your whole team has access to all the information you have gathered about your customers. This setup makes it easy to keep up to date while out on the road and immediately adopt new strategies based on corporate meetings just concluded by management.

Tempus Innovative Solutions is based in Tasmania and Sydney. Our teams provide the highest level of managed IT services to businesses small and large. You trust us with your technology infrastructure, and we ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our policy is always confidentiality of your data and protecting your business information from theft and ransom.

Managed IT services providers allow you to stop worrying about software licenses, user training, network security and critical updates. We allow you to concentrate on your business and your customers by knowing that everything works and using a quality CRM platform like Salesforce. We also keep your staff and salespersons connected to your information, whether on the road or working from home.

Contact us to assess your existing IT infrastructure setup and find out how your business can benefit from managed IT services in Tasmania and Sydney.