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We provide you with best-in-class, cost effective IT solutions that you business can count on.

Getting the right hardware

to power your systems

has never been easier.

We help you assess, plan, implement and support business IT systems.
We have over 8 years experience doing this for businesses of all shapes and sizes across key industries. Our strategy first approach ensures that we recommend the systems that best meet your business needs within your budget.

Only with the Tempus model can you get all your strategy software, hardware, and

and support from the one vendor. Saving your time, headaches and money.

Hardware systems we regularly procure, install, integrate and support.

  • Phones and VOIP
  • Tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Video conferencing (monitors, cameras and speakers)
  • Printers and scanners
  • Hardware Procurement supply and site installation

  • Servers
  • Back-up solutions
  • Wireless networks
  • Networking (routers, switches, NBN)

Benefits you, your staff and your customers are going to love.

  • We make it easy to get the hardware that need with just one call.

  • We provide expert guidance to help you pick the right systems (software and hardware) for your business inline with your business and IT strategies.

  • We come to your office to install and set-up your new systems and networks.

  • Full office fit-outs for new and existing buildings.

  • Get all your hardware and software to work together on your network.

  • Empower staff to work anywhere at anytime while maintaining full communication and collaboration capability.

  • We provide asset management for you hardware to keep your systems reliable, safe and compliant against your IT strategy.

We use the best technology

Assessed, demonstrated, developed,

and supported in one spot.

Why choose Tempus?

  • 10+ years experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes from key industry sectors.
  • A one-stop-shop experience for all your IT needs.
  • Integrate stand-alone systems to make all your systems work together seamlessly.

  • Experience across a broad range of systems essential to running a modern business.
  • We recommend the technology and solutions that best fit your business needs, we are not tied or incentivised to recommend any specific brand or type of technology.

  • Local support for local business.
  • We simplify the IT experience and speak plainly so that you can focus on outcomes rather than getting bogged down in IT mumbo jumbo.

It’s time to answer those lingering questions once and for all.

  • Are you spending too much on IT?

  • Is there a better way to manage your IT?
  • How can you keep your IT up to date, stop most IT issues
    before they happen and resolve other issues quickly?

Sign-up for your obligation free IT health check from Tempus today.

100% local support for local businesses.