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We help Government and large private businesses achieve business efficiencies by integrating data between enterprise systems, automating business processes and increasing visibility across an integrated technology stack.

We drive efficiencies

into your business.

We have over 8 years experience working with Governments clients and large private businesses to conduct business analysis, prepare business cases, plan, implement, train and support digital integration and automation solutions for enterprise platforms.

Key business systems

  • HR systems

  • Finance and accounting systems

  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Portals and User Authentication

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

  • CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) systems

  • Bespoke Applications
  • Document Management Systems

Key services overview

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  • Project management

  • Business case development

  • Business analysis (functional and technical requirements)

  • Business process mapping

  • System architecture

  • Application development

  • Systems integration (middleware development)

  • Quality assurance

  • Training

  • Support

Trusted technologies

reliable systems

Government clients

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Digital automation

Intelligent automation is revolutionising the way work gets done in small business, commercial industries and government departments. Here are some of the most compelling benefits:


Intelligent automation helps reduce the risk of transactional errors, such as incorrect data inputs, missed steps, incomplete processes and mistakes in business rules.


Automation dramatically reduces processing time, which can significantly improve outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Reduce cost

Process automation is a very good way to avoid repetitive manual labour, which increases employee effectiveness and saves money.

Workforce agility

If you have the capability to meet peak demand with simplified operational scaling, you can focus resources on other key areas.

Strategic focus

One of the largest benefits of automation is making it possible to see the difference between rules-based decisions and those requiring greater judgment or analysis. Highly trained staff can devote greater attention to cases and tasks that require the human touch.

Business Process Mapping

There are many advantages of correct workflow process mapping and defining data structure in a company.

When you document these elements you’ll get a broad view of your processes, a more complete and consistent understanding of the business, clear vision of the value chain and its components, and a better perception of bottlenecks and other flaws in the process.

Once we develop a process and data structure for the future, you’ll have:

  • the ability to create performance indicators

  • team involvement in design

  • a roadmap for the big picture
  • a compliance and auditing trail
  • the ability to trim unnecessary steps

  • a comprehensive and consistent understanding
  • an accurate perception of goals, people and technology resources

Business case

We conduct high-level reviews with tangible solutions and recommendations. We begin all projects with a review and clarification of your business structure and objectives. This insight will flow through all aspects of the project to ensure that all your processes align with your business objectives.

Once we develop a process and data structure for the future, you’ll have:

  • facilitate an engagement technique for obtaining strategic business buy-in and technology alignment viewpoints
  • provide data-backed return on investment estimates at a process level
  • guide the prioritisation of projects and pain points to allow management teams to make targeted decisions
  • a compliance and auditing trail
  • give a holistic view of processes to allow better technology architecture and decision-making in relation to the business’s digital strategy
  • give you a technology framework to implement process improvement with existing and/or proposed systems, plus give guidance on connecting to your existing business systems
  • help estimate budgets to implement systems against your strategy
  • provide guidance on next steps to implement the automation such as project timelines, delivery models and cash-flow estimates


Integrating your systems is a great way for your business to remain competitive. It helps you meet the needs of your customers and handle business processes better. It also allows you to analyse what you might need to improve and what is stopping your company from succeeding. Having your systems integrated is no longer a problem. Are you ready for it?

  • Optimise business processes, and reduce costs and bottlenecks.
  • Leverage the technology and cost savings of the cloud.
  • Integrate old systems instead of making costly replacements.
  • Tap into innovation by enabling the creation of new digital assets.
  • Make better decisions with richer insight into an integrated business.
  • Build a business that can adapt quickly to changing conditions.

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