Unlock the Potential of Your Business Communications with a Digital PBX Phone System

Get the best of both worlds with a digital PBX Phone System. In today’s connected world, effective – and cost-effective – business communication is one of the most essential tools to ensure your company’s success. Technology has come a long way since the days of the traditional PBX system, and businesses worldwide are making full use of the opportunities that going digital is affording them.

Opting for a digital PBX opens up a world of business opportunities. The addition of data into the mix has meant that you can now connect mobile phones to the system, making it easy for staff on the road to take calls directed from the office.

What You Should Know About a Digital PBX Telephone System from Tempus Innovative Solutions

If you don’t have a comprehensive digital business communication system implemented in your office, you are losing out. The additional functionality options that come with data-driven systems alone make it one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of any business, whether you are doing business locally or globally.

  • Digital communication systems from Tempus Innovative Solutions are far more cost-effective than traditional PBX systems in that you can add additional extensions without the need to install additional infrastructure, such as connection points and wiring from the main system.
  • Our digital systems offer an extensive range of functions not previously available in more traditional systems. Services such as easy conference calling, video calling, and low-cost international calling make these systems highly effective and versatile. In the pandemic age, your team can still easily make presentations to customers without ever leaving the office, or better yet, their own homes.
  • VOIP functionality means your team can connect with their customers from anywhere in the world. Imagine putting a call through to one of your agents directly to their mobile phone even while they are overseas. Our communications systems offer real no limits business communications
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What’s the Difference Between PBX and VOIP?

The only real difference between PBX and VOIP is that, until now, one was driven by data and the other not. Our new digital systems allow for both traditional phone lines and VOIP to be used, although we are convinced that VOIP is the way of the future since it requires little in the form of costly infrastructure. With PBX systems of old, you would have to contact your service provider to install additional lines. You can do it yourself with digital systems since it requires no additional hardware to add a new extension to the system.

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  • We offer the latest top-quality technologically advanced business communications systems, installed, set up, and programmed precisely according to your business requirements.
  • Make full use of the additional functionality offered by our digital systems to improve workflow, productivity, and profitability. Why let the pandemic stop you from making money? Your communication system allows for even more freedom of communication than before the pandemic hit.
  • Traditional PBX systems took forever to install and set up. Modern digital systems are simple to use and cheap to run.

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