Stay Connected to Clients With Business Phone Solutions in Australia

Our business phone solutions in Australia can help untangle messy communication structures between you and your end user. Having access to our team means extensive IT support, from setting up your VoIP to running workshops with key stakeholders. Choose Tempus Innovative Solutions for digital operational excellence.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services for Business Phone Solutions

The right communication structure can do much more for your business than put you in touch with your customers and co-workers. We try to educate all our clients on the benefits of these business phone systems because we believe knowledge empowers your business decisions. Consider the following benefits you can expect from our phone systems:

  • VoIP systems are accessible from around the globe. No matter where you are – whether on a business trip or on holiday – you have constant access to your VoIP system. It’s as simple as logging onto your account, getting that dial tone, and ringing up whoever you need to contact. This accessibility allows your business to stay connected 24/7 to maintain a reliably consistent workflow.
  • VoIP systems are significantly cheaper than traditional phones. You’re already paying for your internet access, so you can expect very little addition to your prices when opting for VoIP. These systems piggyback off your existing internet infrastructure to put you in touch with everyone, anywhere, at a much more affordable price. Gone are the days of expensive long-distance calls.
  • VoIP provides unmatched flexibility. Using VoIP does not mean you can’t use your traditional phones. On the contrary, using those phones are even simpler when you have our phone systems. You simply use a converter that connects to signals from analogue phones, turns it into digital signals, and puts you on the call. These converters plug into any computer with a USB port.
  • VoIP is more than a phone. Having a better phone system is nice, but having a better phone system doubles up as a video conferencing tool is much better. When it’s time to have an online, face-to-face meeting with someone, it’s as simple as dialling them up and starting the conversation.

What You Should Know About Our Business Phone Systems VoIP

While you might view our systems as simply another way to call someone, the truth is that our systems provide a host of useful features. Consider the following features you can expect from the best business phone systems available through our team:

  • All the extensions you need. There is no limit to the number of extensions you can add, whether you want to add handsets or softphones. Whether you prefer PCs or mobile apps, it all works seamlessly with our structure.
  • Access to ring groups and call queues. If your business deals with bulk calls, there is no better system for managing your calls. With ring groups, you can put your clients through to specific departments in your business while queues allow you to line up customers waiting to talk to your team.
  • Access to a mobile app that hooks up to your VoIP ID. You don’t need to hang around specific hardware all day to have access to your calls. With the mobile app integration, you can take your calls from anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone within reach.
  • Benefit from a digital receptionist. Having a digital receptionist is a fantastic way to get your callers to the correct department. You can customise your receptionist’s menu, which then allows your customers to decide where their call should go. Not to mention getting your VoIP system from our team is as simple as pressing one.

Common Questions Regarding Our Business Phone Systems in Australia

We want to get ahead of questions as much as possible because clarity gives you the ability to make more informed purchasing decisions. Consider the following usual questions we’ve received from our clients since our business started:

  • What is a business phone system, and why is it different? These systems are essentially the evolution of traditional calling systems. It allows unparalleled flexibility and is accessible from anywhere. Whether you want call queues, digital receptionists, videoconferencing tools, or simply more reliable communication within your business, these systems are the ideal solution.
  • How much do business phone systems cost to install and use? There is no definite answer to this question because it depends on what your business needs. You’ll be happy to know we review the requirements of every client before putting together what we believe is the ideal package for them. The pricing depends on this package and which software it includes.
  • Are your phone systems only meant for specific business types? Not at all. Our phone solutions can integrate with small or large businesses, whether they work with clients directly or not. We always integrate our systems to meet your business communication demands, so whatever it is you do, we can keep you connected.

What You Stand to Gain From the Best Small Business Phone Systems

Technology has been at the forefront of business for many years now, and going against it only makes doing business harder. With our assistance, you get all the phone systems you need without any of the problems presented by older, traditional structures. From ease-of-access to call menus and more, you get everything you need to stay connected to your clients and co-workers with our systems.

Call us now and let us help you keep your communication flowing.