It’s Time to Make the Switch

We help SME’s get big business phone capability at small business prices.

It’s Time to Make the Switch

We help SME’s get big business phone capability at small business prices.

Why Choose Tempus Business Phone Plans

At Tempus we’re much more than your regular business phone provider.

In fact we’re the complete opposite. We’re an IT company first with almost a decade of experience making all areas of clients IT work together, including their telephony and internet capability. It’s this highly specialised skill set that lets us plan, configure and support client VOIP solutions unlike any phone/internet carrier you’ve used before.

Keep your existing phone number

Save money and gain extensive capability

Make / take work calls from your computer, tablet, mobile or digital office handset

100% Australian owned and operated + deep technical expertise

Get local support from our expert IT team, not “call centre” staff

How is Tempus Different

From Typical Phone Carriers?


Business Phone Plans

Pay As You Go

Perfect for business that need a phone, make minimal calls and want to look professional.

$29 p/m

no  setup fee

  • 1 concurrent external and internal lines

Small Plan

For businesses that require more than one person to be on the phone at the same time.

$149 p/m

Get your first 6 months for $99 p/m

  • Business phone system (PBX)

  • 2 concurrent external lines

  • 4 concurrent internal lines
  • Unlimited talk to local, national and mobile*

Medium Plan

When you have multiple people making external calls simultenously.

$199 p/m

Get your first 6 months for $149 p/m

  • Business phone system (PBX)

  • 3 concurrent external lines
  • 4 concurrent internal lines
  • Unlimited talk to local, national and mobile*


Contact us to discuss your business communication requirements.


+ setup fee from $150

  • Business phone system (PBX)

  • 4+ concurrent external and internal lines

  • Unlimited talk to local, national and mobile*
  • Integration with enterprise business applications

Check out the extensive range of VoIP business phone features below that you get for no extra charge with the Small Plan, Medium Plan and Complex phone plans.

*Our Fair Use Policy applies to Services which are stated to be subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP).

Experience the Features and Benefits

of Modern Phone Technology

Tempus have created a digital phone solution combining Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) plus a IP PBX to deliver significant and compelling benefits for SME’s.

Learn more about VOIP.

It’s time to say good-bye bill shock with unlimited calls to local and national mobile phones.

The Fair Use Policy applies to Services which are stated to be subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP).

Provide you and your staff the flexibility of working from home, the office or even on international trips. All without compromising customer service or business efficiencies.
Without the need for physical telephone lines to operate, you can rearrange your office however you like, or even work from different locations without business interruptions.
On-hold music is included and we even add personalised voice messages for your customers to here.

Collaborate in real-time. Your device to create, participate and report web and audio conferencing data.

We can configure your business phone system to greet customers with custom messaging, direct the caller to the right department, team or person. We can also automate messaging for out of hours calls and direct voice messages to the right people.

You can create an unlimited number of extensions for use on physical handsets, softphones on PCs or mobile apps. Extensions facilitate communication flexibility and mobility for users and do no need to be linked to an external number.

Because VoIP calls are internet-based, hosted PBX systems are easier to integrate with the business applications you use every day. You can do things like place outbound calls through Outlook or other email clients, or bring up a customer record with that customer’s inbound calls.
Yes, that’s right. You can keep your existing number, save money, get more features and better support all at once.
Calls made from your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or office digital handset all display your business number to the receiver. They don’t know if you working from the office, from home or overseas.
We can add additional line capability almost instantly, or we can reduce the number of lines available to meet changing business requirements.
Your phone will show if your employees or teammates are online. You can then message them instantly.
Access your voice messages from any device from any location. Even have you voice messages delivered to your email. Never miss an important message again.
Get capability to record conversations for training purposes. Even track each call down to each handset or softphone.
Ring groups are a good way to manage bulk calling e.g. calls for specific departments. A call queue allows the caller to be put in a queue while listening to audio (i.e. on hold) before an extension is available to pick up the call; it also allows for extensions to log in and out of the queue.
No matter how big or small your company is, the right unified communications solution can take your business communications to the next level, help to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience.

Trusted technologies

reliable systems

At Tempus if we supply it we support IT. That is why we only technologies proven to be reliable.


we’ve helped.

Business Phone Plan


Common Questions

Yes you can keep your business number/s.

We transfer your number from your current carrier to Tempus.

Tempus utilises Australia’s largest IP Voice network that delivers voice services with exceptional quality and absolute reliability.


Tempus business phone solutions are built using the latest cloud technology which enables you to work from any device, from any location so long as you have an internet connection.

In most cases yes.

Just like moving from a big four bank to a local bank you get better services, and more features for you dollar.

With a VOIP solution businesses can save money, traditional phones costs and infrastructure can be cut instantly and replaced with feature rich cost effective digital solutions.

These are some of the cost you can get rid of:

– hard physical lines
– on premise hardware
– expensive proprietary handsets


If you’re hardware is up-to-date and VOIP compatible we will try to make use of your existing hardware.


Utilising VOIP technology we can increase or decrease your plan to meeting changing business requirements.

To make a change please our support line.

Only promotional offers maybe subject to exit fees.

All our standard plans, which are already competitively priced do not come with any sneaky hidden fees or charges, or lock-in contracts.

We believe by offering the best value our clients will want to stay and it is not our intention to trap them.

Tempus can build your digital phone system in just a few hours!

Our team can have your team set up with the right mobile apps and activated with ease.

The only item that can sometime is getting your number off the old carrier, depending on their timelines and speed.


You can access you phone system by logging into any internet browser. This will enable you to perform a range of functions such as:

  • review incoming outgoing calls
  • review active lines and extensions

Tempus is happy to provide you with assistance with the back-end configuration of your system. If you require help please do one of the following:


Once you’re number have been ported from your old phone carrier to Tempus you can cancel your existing phone plan and any associated hardware rentals / ongoing fees.


We will liaise with your old provider and migrate the plan across with your authorisation, after which the plan can be cancelled.

Over the years of helping customers with IT systems and solutions we have found having the capability to implement phone and internet solutions has enabled us to negate all issues with phone carriers. This enables Tempus to maximise efficiency of the system and deliver unparalleled business IT support across all your systems.

Which means Tempus can offer you one monthly bill and one phone number to call for all your IT problems.


These features can be added to your plan at an additional cost. These calls will be tracked, logged and billed just like other calls.

Support Questions


Tempus will provide training and if you ever have any issues please contact us for support via one of the following:

As part of you monthly business phone plan
We support everything to make your phone work. This includes your hardware and software.

Practical support example include:

  • Changing your voice promot
  • Adding a new extension
  • Setting up out of hours voice recording

If required please contact us for support via on of the following:

Tempus have support plans in place that help prevent phone disasters from happening and reactive repair costs. We want to help protect your business and its systems from breaking so that your business and its operations run smoothly 24/7. With our local support team you can log a ticket or contact us directly for assistance.

Tempus is happy to provide you with assistance with the phone your system. If you require help please do one of the following:

Technology Questions with clear simple answers

On the surface a modern business phone system is essentially the same thing you’ve experienced previously.

However the modern system introduces significant capability unachievable with traditional phone systems.

For example you can now:

  • Add an app to any modern desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone to act as your business phone. So that you can take and make work calls on any of these devices
  • Make voice of video calls from any locations with internet access
  • Scale up or down your phone plan requirements very quickly and easily to meet changing business requirements
  • Integrate with CRM systems
  • Use in conjunction with Microsoft Teams
A VoIP line is a digital line that converts your voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. If you are calling a regular phone number, the signal is converted to a regular telephone signal before it reaches the destination.

A softphone is a piece of software (an app) that allows you to make telephone calls over the internet to anyone with a phone number, but instead of using a traditional phone you use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Unlike a traditional phone, a softphone can be used anywhere with internet access.

This enables you or your staff to work from home, whilst travelling and you can even rearrange your office to suit because you are no longer restricted by hard phone lines plugs and cables.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which in simple terms is a business telephone system that offers multiple inbound and outbound lines, call routing, voicemail, and call management features.

There are two types of PBX systems:

  • On-premise
  • Cloud based

All Tempus business phone plans utilise a cloud based PBX, which offers significant benefits for SME’s such as:

  • Eliminating the need for on-premise hardware, user maintenance, hardware upgrades and associated costs.
  • Simplified security management – primarily achieved by not having the hardware sitting in your office, which is now running on secure servers.

Tempus SME

Business Packages

Tempus SME business plans were created to help new SME’s get up and going easily, and to assist existing SME’s to grow, evolve and remain competitive. Our commitment to SME’s is to deliver exceptional value, robust IT solutions and unparalleled IT support for a low monthly fee.

Website, Hosting and Support Plans

We help you plan, design, build, host and support your business website. We handle everything for you.

$40 p/m

+ set-up fee

  • Everything you need to get started.
  • We keep your website online and secure.
  • One business to contact for all web, phone and IT issues.

Managed IT Support

Rest easy knowing that for a low monthly fee we will help you with all your IT issues and keep your business running smoothly.

$30 p/m

+ setup fee of $150

  • Everything you need to get started.
  • We keep your software and hardware operational
  • One business to contact for all IT, web and phone issues.

Business Phones Plans and Support

Tempus helps small business to gain big business phone features and capabilities at small business pricing.

From $29 p/m

No setup fee

  • Everything you need to get started.
  • Local support for local businesses.
  • One business to contact for all phone, web and IT issues.

Why choose Tempus?

  • 10+ years experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes from key industry sectors.
  • A one-stop-shop experience for all your IT needs.
  • Integrate stand-alone systems to make all your systems work together seamlessly.

  • Experience across a broad range of systems essential to running a modern business.
  • We recommend the technology and solutions that best fit your business needs, we are not tied or incentivised to recommend any specific brand or type of technology.

  • Local support for local business.
  • We simplify the IT experience and speak plainly so that you can focus on outcomes rather than getting bogged down in IT mumbo jumbo.



Unlike traditional phone carriers, we actually want to talk to you, to learn about you and your business and offer you sound advice that takes your business model, IT systems, processes and workflow into account.