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Business Phone Plans Overview

Pay As You Go

Perfect for business that need a phone, make minimal calls and want to look professional.

$29 p/m

no  setup fee

  • 1 concurrent external and internal lines

Small Plan

For businesses that require more than one person to be on the phone at the same time.

$99 p/m

30% saving per month
for 6 months

  • Feature Rich Digital PBX

  • 2 concurrent external lines

  • 4 concurrent internal lines
  • Unlimited talk to local, national and mobile*
  • Mobile App

  • Support and training

Medium Plan

When you have multiple people making external calls simultenously.

$139 p/m

30% saving per month
for 6 months

  • Feature Rich Digital PBX

  • 3 concurrent external lines
  • 4 concurrent internal lines
  • Unlimited talk to local, national and mobile*
  • Mobile App

  • Support and Training


Contact us to discuss your business communication requirements.


+ setup fee from $150

  • Feature Rich Digital PBX

  • 4+ concurrent external and internal lines

  • Unlimited talk to local, national and mobile*
  • Integration with enterprise business applications
  • Mobile App

  • Support and Training

*Our Fair Use Policy applies to Services which are stated to be subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP).

A Decade of Tailored Communication Solutions

Tempus has dedicated over 10 years to delivering specialised communication services, catering to a diverse range of sectors. Our commitment is to offer personalised solutions that perfectly align with the distinct needs of our clients.

Hear from Our valuable Clients

Great service from the team at Tempus! They completed a thorough evaluation of our requirements and designed a great communications and online solution for our business
Anthony Patti, La Manna Fresh
Tempus helped my business transition to nbn /voip. I’ve been a customer for over a year now, highly recommend this company.
Anh Nguyen, Aqua Smiles Dental

Business Phone Plan


Yes you can keep your business number/s.

We transfer your number from your current carrier to Tempus.

Tempus utilises Australia’s largest IP Voice network that delivers voice services with exceptional quality and absolute reliability.


Tempus business phone solutions are built using the latest cloud technology which enables you to work from any device, from any location so long as you have an internet connection.

In most cases yes.

Just like moving from a big four bank to a local bank you get better services, and more features for you dollar.

With a VOIP solution businesses can save money, traditional phones costs and infrastructure can be cut instantly and replaced with feature rich cost effective digital solutions.

These are some of the cost you can get rid of:

– hard physical lines
– on premise hardware
– expensive proprietary handsets


If you’re hardware is up-to-date and VOIP compatible we will try to make use of your existing hardware.


Utilising VOIP technology we can increase or decrease your plan to meeting changing business requirements.

To make a change please our support line.

Only promotional offers maybe subject to exit fees.

All our standard plans, which are already competitively priced do not come with any sneaky hidden fees or charges, or lock-in contracts.

We believe by offering the best value our clients will want to stay and it is not our intention to trap them.

Tempus can build your digital phone system in just a few hours!

Our team can have your team set up with the right mobile apps and activated with ease.

The only item that can sometime is getting your number off the old carrier, depending on their timelines and speed.


You can access you phone system by logging into any internet browser. This will enable you to perform a range of functions such as:

  • review incoming outgoing calls
  • review active lines and extensions

Tempus is happy to provide you with assistance with the back-end configuration of your system. If you require help please do one of the following:


Once you’re number have been ported from your old phone carrier to Tempus you can cancel your existing phone plan and any associated hardware rentals / ongoing fees.


We will liaise with your old provider and migrate the plan across with your authorisation, after which the plan can be cancelled.

Over the years of helping customers with IT systems and solutions we have found having the capability to implement phone and internet solutions has enabled us to negate all issues with phone carriers. This enables Tempus to maximise efficiency of the system and deliver unparalleled business IT support across all your systems.

Which means Tempus can offer you one monthly bill and one phone number to call for all your IT problems.


These features can be added to your plan at an additional cost. These calls will be tracked, logged and billed just like other calls.

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