Connecting Your Business to the World With VOIP Business Phone Systems

With more businesses shifting towards electronic and digital commerce, it is fundamental for companies to have sufficient measures in place to stay relevant and capable. With VOIP business phone systems, you can conduct trade on every continent and connect with your clients. Save your business valuable time and money and have Tempus Innovative Solutions implement an innovative digital information system for your company.

What are VOIP Phones?

Unlike the traditional concept of a phone, which relies on a singular device such as a handheld or landline, the VOIP phone serves as a digital alternative. The VOIP system enables you to make calls from your devices, switch between extensions, and keep track of your business activities on a central platform. Some of the benefits of using the VOIP system include:

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  • Interconnectivity. With the ability to switch between your office line and mobile at a moment’s notice and redirect important calls, you can avoid missing anything pertinent. Once you log into the portal, you can have a discussion with anyone on the planet.
  • Cost-effectiveness. With traditional phones, long-distance dialling can become extremely expensive and hard to track over the course of a month, but with VOIP you can greatly minimise these costs.
  • Convenience. Instead of limiting your connectivity to a single device, VOIP allows you to use whatever device suits you best, whether on the office laptop or your mobile device.

How Will VOIP Phones Benefit Your Business?

We understand that not every business operates the same way, and that each industry requires a particular approach to best provide products and services to potential customers. The VOIP system provides a centralised solution to your communications, where you can apply the technology to every division of your business with the same consistency. The VOIP system is perfect for:

  • Sales. When phoning into foreign countries to connect with clients, VOIP can provide you with a seamless sales communication platform and extend your reach. By tracking how you make sales, you can take note of how to improve and excel.
  • Customer service. If your company values customer service, you can easily have your staff provide thorough and constant feedback with our system. With the option to add several extensions on your devices, you can make sales from home or the workplace.
  • Intracompany communication. By implementing the VOIP system in your business, your employees can stay in touch with one another and promote multilevel, intracompany communication.

What Differentiates VOIP Phones?

The VOIP system boasts a virtual assistant that can answer and redirect calls to operators through menu options. With a clear focus on accessibility, VOIP can easily integrate with your business systems and place outbound calls through Outlook or another email service. By promoting convenience across your business processes, you can improve productivity and conduct smart business.

For information regarding our industry-leading electronic business communication systems, feel free to contact us and have Tempus Innovative Solutions lead your business into the digital age.