Once you’ve had an opportunity to see just how beneficial investing in a digital PBX phone system will be for your business, you’ll understand why we are so passionate about these systems.

We are a boutique consultancy and aim to make the most of our engineering skills and in-depth technology experience to provide innovative business solutions to a wealth of clients – who range from the banking sector to mining and manufacturing, private, and government. We believe that businesses simply work better with an optimal flow of information, and our goal is to work with you to get systems in place to allow you to focus on what you do best.

The Big Question: What is the Difference Between PBX and VOIP?

Until quite recently, the main difference between the two was that one was data-driven, and the other was not. When you install VOIP, you are likely to spend substantially less on infrastructure. That being said, our Digital PBX Telephone System provides for the use of both VOIP and older phone lines.

An additional benefit is that you can install more extensions without having to contact your service provider, because your new system doesn’t need any additional hardware elements when you want to expand it.

Our modern system is more cost-effective than traditional systems, as well as being easy to use. Installation and set-up are quick – once your system is up and running, you can start taking advantage of the functionality to maximise productivity, flow of work, and profitability throughout your business.

We Follow a Simple, Cost-Effective Process to Assist with Your Digital PBX Installation

There are very few businesses that can afford to be frivolous in our current economic climate. This is why we take the time to analyse your business needs, so that we can make an informed decision about the best solution for you. You won’t find generic pricing in our proposals because we understand that tailoring a solution is always the best approach – no matter how big, or small, your business is.

We conduct our analysis of your business needs and system installation process in stages:

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  • Firstly, we will have a meeting with you to determine your needs and expectations. After this meeting you will receive our documented review.
  • Once you have had an opportunity to work through our review proposal, we can get started with the set-up and development of your system. We will work closely with you to configure the best solution for your business.
  • It is inevitable that your system will need to be maintained. Our support and maintenance structures take into account how big your business is, as well as your technical skills.

If you think your business could benefit from a digital PBX phone system, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can tailor a system to meet your needs.