Let Us Provide You With Business And Corporate Phone Solutions In Australia

No matter where your business is in its stage of development, we offer business phone solutions in Australia for small to large companies where we use the latest in technology to consolidate your efforts towards reaching your business objectives. We’ve collaborated with a range of industries such as banking, education, and manufacturing, for which we’ve identified areas of improvement and offered solutions to optimise the management of their operations.

What Is a Business Phone System and Why You Should Consider Getting One

A business phone system is an automated switchboard that serves as a dedicated receptionist to welcome customers, and as such, you can describe it as the voice of your business as the first point of contact with potential clients. This system also allows your business to streamline its efforts by transferring calls and giving callers direct access to a specific person within a department. Innovations in business phone system technology also give you the option of transferring calls to cell phones if personnel are not at the office.

Within your organisation, business phone solutions allow your team to connect with each other, optimising the internal communication process. It also facilitates remote work from multiple locations where employees have the option of voice or video conference calling.

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that we use to provide these services is a phone service that works over a high-speed internet connection where calls are converted to data and sent over the internet instead of copper wires. This business phone solution, however, still remains secure because it is both phone or computer-based so that you still have the backup of a traditional telephone.

You also don’t have to worry about the quality of calls made using VoIP where recent technology ensures voice clarity that exceeds that of a landline phone. This, however, does depend on the speed of your broadband connection, which differs between providers, so check user reviews before signing up.

Benefits of Our Business Phone Solutions in Australia

Whether you’re a private company or a government enterprise, we have the capacity and skill to bolster your efforts toward becoming a successful business.

Tempus 3CX
  • Our corporate phone solutions offer flexibility and accessibility where you can operate from anywhere in the world by logging into your account with mobile app integration, a function that allows you to stay connected 24/7.
  • Our business phone solutions are fairly priced and depend on your business needs. Our services are also cost-effective because you’re already paying for your internet access, off of which the VoIP system piggybacks.
  • You can also expect versatility from our products and services, where the business phone system has an unlimited number of extensions. You can customise the receptionist menu and also have the option of call queues if your business receives bulk calls.
  • We complement our easy to set up business phone solutions with the technical support you need when installing a new system, and we run workshops to educate clients so that they can make informed business decisions.

Our in-house development team are knowledgeable and experienced professionals who aim to match solutions with the needs of your business while aligning this with your company’s strategy.

Why Choose Tempus Innovative Solutions

We established our company almost a decade ago and have since then built our reputation to a point where we have a track record of clients who have commended us on our creative, comprehensive solutions and supportive, timely service.

Our staff comprises individuals with a background in computer systems engineering and technology. They have business analysis skills too and are dedicated to collaborating with you to understand how your business currently operates to identify development areas to improve company processes. Our hands-on approach also ensures that your business strategy and the technology that it uses align and is sustainable.

Besides phone solutions for business, we offer various other technology systems, such as eForms to, for example, interact with employees or clients. We also provide document management that you can use to standardise how employees create paperwork or templates and formalise how they’re stored. We also offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services that give you insight into customer information – such as their satisfaction with your products and services or other data that you can use to channel your business efforts to retain existing and gain new clients.

Other digital strategies we offer are frameworks where you can implement different project management methodologies, such as the Six Sigma Process, which we’ve translated into software that your business can use to run according to best practices.

So, call us today for reliable business phone systems and other effective digital solutions based on our own in-house market research and external analysis to achieve your business goals and improve your brand reputation.