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Hi there,
we’re Tempus.

We offer all the IT services and solutions you need under the one roof to simplify your life, save time and achieve success in your business.

We have over 10 years experience delivering our end-to-end IT model and IT services to SME’s, Associations (Not-for-Profits) and Government clients across Australia.

We offer local support for local business from our offices in Hobart and Melbourne.

Everything you need
from one IT partner.

We partner with you to offer end-to-end IT services and solutions from strategy to support and

everything in between. We even break up with your old vendors.


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There was a gap
in the market
so we fixed it.

We have never been fans of the traditional IT model, you know what we mean. The one where you constantly get charged too much, you end up paying for things that you have no idea what they do, how they work or why you need them. Your guaranteed what you’ve been sold will work perfectly with your other IT systems (and most of the time they don’t) and when something goes wrong you are left trying to figure out who to contact and how to get it fixed. Oh yeah, and each suppliers tells you the issue is with the other supplier.

So we flipped the traditional IT model on its head and created the one stop shop model. By offering you all the services you need from a single provider you instantly cut a lot of your IT headaches, eliminate time wasted trying to solve IT problems, save money by cutting unnecessary IT expenses and receive IT solutions that align with your business requirements and broader businesses objectives.

The new way to do IT
with Tempus.

When you partner with Tempus and take advantage of our end-to-end IT model you receive

unparalleled benefits that simply can’t be matched by other IT providers.

1 monthly bill

That’s right, 1 monthly bill covering all your IT costs. It’s predictable, manageable and most importantly it’s transparent. You wont get any hidden charges or fees from us.

1 partner for support

No more figuring out who to call when something goes wrong, no more being told its your other providers fault. With Tempus we can take care of everything. Period.

1 partner to handle
all your IT needs

We provide a true end-to-end IT business model to keep your IT working , safe and updated, so that you don’t have to. From strategy to support and everything in between.

It’s time to answer those lingering questions once and for all.

  • Are you spending too much on IT?

  • Is there a better way to manage your IT?
  • How can you keep your IT up to date, stop most IT issues
    before they happen and resolve other issues quickly?

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